das Kreativnest

As an American, living in Germany for nearly two decades, I feel blessed to have the experience of living in two totally different cultures. 

Before moving to Germany, as a Fashion Design major at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, I focused on designing costumes for movies.  I had the opportunity to work on the film "Leaving Las Vegas" and the television show "Rescue 911", among others.

Once in Europe, I began doing what a lot of expats do who don't speak the native tongue, I taught English. This little speed bump in my career path turned out to be a blessing, as I realized the joy that teaching brings- for me, it truly is the most satisfying job.

I currently run an online shop called flower valley designs. I design and produce items that I want but can't find. I invite you to check it out here:www.de.dawanda.com/shop/flowervalleydesigns

Since 2007 I have enjoyed volunteering my time at our local elementary school, working with grade school children, introducing them to English via stories and art projects.

Having two children, I feel it is important for kids to be able to explore, mess up, try again and move on, without feeling constantly pressured to succeed. When I realized that my children were comfortable following the rules in regards to school work, but apprehensive when allowed free rein in artistic assignments, I expanded their comfort zone through the use of creative activities.  I was inspired to see just how much their self confidence and independence took flight in just a short time.

That's when I started "das Kreativnest". Here, children learn about topics in a way that makes their world more tangible. They have the time to observe, investigate and use their imagination. 

Everyone is creative! Creativity is an attitude. It is how you see the world around you and your place in it. The more we employ it, the more naturally it comes. 

I would love for your child to be part of this journey.  Welcome to my creative nest.