das Kreativnest



das Kreativnest five point concept: 


1.    Think inside, outside, around the box.

As our world becomes increasingly competitive, it’s becoming more and more important to know how to tap into our creativity and use it to solve problems.

2.    Increasing observation skills.

Finding the time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ is sometimes easier said than done. However, if we take the time to look at a rose: the color, smell, feel, even taste, then draw, paint, sculpt, tear it apart and refashion it, well, then it is safe to say that we have observed a rose. 

3.    Building courage through perseverance.

Our space is a safe place to try without fear of failure. Sometimes great things come from mistakes; chocolate chip cookies, penicillin and fireworks.  We recognize that failure is an opportunity for growth.

4. Developing instinctual independence.

Children develop confidence in their thought process by using a "prompt" method. This gently nudges them out of their artistic ruts. 


• How would you arrange these vegetables that are cut into strips to look like a human skeleton?

• How would you paint rocks so that they had magical powers? How would you use them to do good?

• How would you use these shapes to create a Picasso style self portrait?

• After exploring trees and tree shapes: How would you draw the perfect tree house?

• Which image would you print on this fabric? Now, embellish it to make the image pop.  

5. Learning social skills to enhance creativity.

Sharing ideas and stimulating creativity in our peers can result in an explosion of new ideas. We offer a supportive climate for constructive critique.